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Sugary sweet

I am THE ABSOLUTE WORST at picking out a good watermelon.

Happy Thursday friends.

I know, I know, look for large webbing, a bright yellow spot, and if all else fails, just give it a good "knock" while no one's watching.

I've done it all.

I've even closed my eyes for a moment of silence and almost prayed that it wouldn't have that weird fibery taste that just makes you feel like you just got taken for almost six dollars.

So a little while ago I came up with a bit of a foolproof way to serve even the weirdest watermelon.

I sprinkle sugar on it.


The white refined lovely stuff that everyone hates these days.

Just a pinch I tell you.

Such a small pinch that no one even notices but raves about my poor watermelon selection.


This is so fun I can hardly type it out without a cheesy grin all over the place.

I did this just recently after swearing up and down the place that this was the worst watermelon I've ever seen in my entire existence.

Which made me for one moment feel like my husband's grandmother who for suresies tells the whole world that her hand in ANY card game is completely worthless and unfair.

So I cut this mess of a fruit up and put it in the fridge to magically get better.


Then I remembered and when I scooped a side for the dear husband I sprinkled the magic dust on it before slipping it under his chin.

Now this may or may not be something I can adequately express- shocking, I know - but it's true.

I step back and watch my husband, my kids, my friends, my people take a bite and wait for it to hit them.

For the sweetness to drip into the most brilliant happiness in the form of a sigh that's just about Christmas morning each and every single time.

I love loving my own tribe.

I love finding the sweet at the end of the worst day, the shocking disappointment, or the real-deal heartbreak.

I have the God-given power in these two slightly stubby little de Leon hands to bring sugary sweet to each of these who surround this kitchen of mine.

It's glorious.

Like for real.

It's better than winning the lottery or even a Viking cruise.

And THAT's saying something.

It's a wife/Mom super power that no one tells you about.

I have the power and privilege to sweeten the difficult and even sweeten the already blessed a little bit more.

How did I get that privilege anyway?

It's one of the things I am absolutely most grateful for.

Right up there with the sense of humor delightfully handed down from my Father.

And the other day when the daughter came home exhausted from work, when the sons the very same, and the husband was just a mite downhearted I sprinkled sweetness and just stood back and let it all soak in.

I cannot change a decision that really smarts.

I cannot take the tests, understand the confrontation fully, or even know what God has coming around the corner.

But I can secretly sweeten the blow when no one notices.

I can listen and love and serve heaping fancy dishes of magical watermelon.


C'mon now! How awesome is that??!

And the older I get, the more I understand my importance in this home here in Cleveland.

Mainly because my kids won't on their own know how to change the toilet paper roll.

(Kids I have finally just given up....)

From my green chair I enjoy the real deep down goodness that fills a heart getting ready to begin dinner prep.

My life has such wonderful worth.

Oh sure, I'd love to look a certain way, understand politics more, and so on.

But I am slowly understanding that God put me in this home with the best kitchen for the best crew to sweeten it all.

And yes, we love us some Salmon and asparagus so don't come at me with the "diabetes" warnings.

The other day my oldest girl and I were in the car and she asked me how she could prepare herself for marriage and for a family of her own.

She is just the most adorable package of goodness- smart as a whip and one of the most clever people I know.

She'd lay tile for you if you asked her to.

(So if you paypal me I'll give you her number.)

And I looked out the window because I was so humbled that she would even ask.

I fumbled something about a few "core" meals to get under your belt.

How that helps in the ministry and all.

But when I sit here and remember that moment, this is really what I wished I had told her.

So, my girl, I think bringing a bit of sweetness in the back pocket of that adorable button front jean skirt I love you in is the answer.

Bringing love when frustration reigns,

Spooning lovely on top of the already wonderful is the way to be prepared for your very own kitchen and crew.

Come to think of it, it's a wonderful thing to bring with you wherever you go.

I have a friend who is health conscience (pray for her) and will not get herself one of those sugary seasonal coffees that make you glad to be living every once in a while.

So I have made it my mission to get her one here and there.

I even mix all the caramel at the bottom in with a straw before I hand it over because she will inevitably drink from the top and not enjoy the whole cup of lovely.

I hope I can do things like this for many many years to come for those around me.

I hope we all carry some sweetness in our pockets to lift the lives of those around us.

What a wonderful life we live, do we not?

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