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20 for 20

Hello dear friends.

It's the Eve of a New Year and our home is still buzzing from the Ghost of Christmas Past.

I am reminded that a gallon of milk and some Ramen noodles can see us through just about any situation and that everything can be cleaned again and again and again.

I am also reminded that a Mother's heart is a very complex thing. This heart can cause you to spontaneously cry in Airports or in the middle of the Muppet Christmas Carol, can will you to make chocolate chip cookies at ten at night, drive to the store for orange jello and too many things to list here.

This heart can also find joy in things like unearthed spare bottles of dish soap and unopened large containers of laundry detergent for some odd reason.

This heart can throw away drawers of socks when acquiring new ones for Christmas and will just about call off life until her Target gift card is found again.

Be sure that this Momma heart will be sad to see life come to a new normal again after the oldest leaves to finish his Freshman year and transitive verbs come out of hiding, but will be glad to not hear some classical piece blasting downstairs while she sits on her bedroom floor remembering she has a blog.

Because we're all about our lists, I thought I would give you the latest list running through my Holiday Brain:


1. Diffusing your hair anywhere besides near a mirror will make you look akin to a Muppet. You'll be planning the day and enjoying happy thoughts while your hair is forming a rebellion.

2. You'll be sick of turkey before December is done so don't buy several turkeys even though they are a great financial move. Just be all crazy and go for a pork loin or three. Don't tell Dave Ramsey. It'll be our little secret.

3. My Spring/Summer clothing game is weak and my Fall/Winter game is strong. If only there was such a thing as Summer tights.

4. Find the Dunkin' Pumpkin Spice coffee and get it all no matter what memes are saying. And drink it allllllll the way until school begins again next Fall.

5. Change is good. The norm is boring and stale and you'll be glad you changed XYZ. Except for that sweater you give to your daughter. Yeah, you're gonna wish you'd kept that.

6. Everything comes out in the wash. Problems will surface in their own time, just rest in that. And know that just like real laundry, it might sit in there so long that it sours and needs a good hot wash again to be ready for the dryer.

7. "Hooded-eyes" really means that people will only know you have eyeshadow on when you are dead and you won't be able to do your make-up for your viewing so basically it's just a waste of eyeshadow.

8. Trips with kids are good and bad and sometimes ugly but you'll always be glad you had them for the ten minutes of funny in Montana that will live on in infamy.

9. Family is always the most important. Work it out, work it through, because it really is the only thing that lasts.

10. Not everyone likes what you wear, eat, say, think and do. Live for an audience of one and let the Holy Spirit guide you. Some people even dislike poetry- just feel badly for them.

11. Doing what God has called you to do includes cleaning under the couch and even in the couch.

12. Marriage is a really really great idea.

13. God's Words are to be eaten. Big bites, small bites, chewed or just swallowed, no matter. Get it in and get it in daily, maybe even twice a day. You'll be glad you did.

14. Yes I will say it, go and get you waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara should be handed out at every hospital when you are handed your child. If you're just overwhelmed at the idea of picking one out I will send one to you. Write me. Happy New Year.

15. Sugar is okay. Just go one cupcake at a time.

16. Elastic is even okay-er. So your waist has moved, grown, shrunk or heaven-forbid low-waisted things have come into fashion again. It's all fine and dandy.

17. It's okay to not have a million friends, but two or three that you can text when you need a listening ear and a voice of Godly reason. Treat these friends like Royalty.

18. Yes, the kids will think you are amazing and awful in the same day. Go with it.

19. Getting outside reminds me how small I am and lipgloss reminds me that I can be fancy anywhere. Lip gloss is always a good idea.

20. A New Year is made up of new moments. Ones that will just about take the roofing off and ones that will feel like Oreos and milk. Just sit in each of them and know you are never ever alone.

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Dec 31, 2019

I need some of your cute tights! I bought waterproof mascara per your advice. ;)

Happy New Year dear friend.


Dec 31, 2019

Love this!!🤗thanks for sharing!

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